LugRadio Buzzword Bingo

A special game to go along with Episode 3 of Season 4!

competition goals Intel OpenOffice level playing field
kernel Matt totally shagging up a question scratching the itch API open standards
desktop 3D direction injection monkeys
platforms proprietary cross-distro aKademy synergies
commercial leverage segment manager Cubase

Complete one row or column to win

Word list in total: competition, goals, Intel, OpenOffice, level playing field, kernel, Matt totally shagging up a question, scratching the itch, API, open standards, desktop, 3D, direction, injection, monkeys, platforms, proprietary, cross-distro, aKademy, synergies, commercial, leverage, segment, manager, Cubase, upstream, conglomeration, flowchart, inhibitors, google, beard, fragmented, markets, mighty, microsoft, incorporate, environments, vendors, addressing, keynote, interfaces, D-Bus, perspective, Guadec, assurances, innovation, enable, initiative