LugRadio Buzzword Bingo

A special game to go along with Episode 3 of Season 4!

level playing field flowchart incorporate beard Matt totally shagging up a question
microsoft 3D manager cross-distro API
scratching the itch monkeys inhibitors fragmented segment
mighty commercial desktop perspective direction
open standards enable competition addressing kernel

Complete one row or column to win

Word list in total: level playing field, flowchart, incorporate, beard, Matt totally shagging up a question, microsoft, 3D, manager, cross-distro, API, scratching the itch, monkeys, inhibitors, fragmented, segment, mighty, commercial, desktop, perspective, direction, open standards, enable, competition, addressing, kernel, Intel, synergies, vendors, injection, assurances, conglomeration, aKademy, Guadec, proprietary, google, goals, initiative, interfaces, OpenOffice, environments, platforms, Cubase, innovation, upstream, leverage, D-Bus, markets, keynote