LugRadio Buzzword Bingo

A special game to go along with Episode 3 of Season 4!

perspective goals incorporate desktop Intel
markets Matt totally shagging up a question 3D Guadec synergies
OpenOffice fragmented direction upstream scratching the itch
commercial segment conglomeration initiative Cubase
platforms open standards keynote competition enable

Complete one row or column to win

Word list in total: perspective, goals, incorporate, desktop, Intel, markets, Matt totally shagging up a question, 3D, Guadec, synergies, OpenOffice, fragmented, direction, upstream, scratching the itch, commercial, segment, conglomeration, initiative, Cubase, platforms, open standards, keynote, competition, enable, interfaces, flowchart, monkeys, kernel, injection, innovation, google, addressing, environments, beard, vendors, leverage, D-Bus, aKademy, cross-distro, mighty, manager, assurances, proprietary, inhibitors, level playing field, API, microsoft