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LugRadio Live 2005 Paper Submission

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If you would like to do a talk at LUGRadio Live 2005, you can submit a paper proposing an interesting talk.

It must be stressed that the aim of LUGRadio Live is provide a series of interesting talks that are not the kind of run-of-the-mill dull presentations that you often see at other, more corporate expos.

Each presentation slot is between 15mins and 30mins. We would love to see these kinds of presentations:

  • Wacky, strange and humorous experiments and uses of technology.
  • Demos and walkthroughs of interesting not-yet-seen work in Open Source projects and technology
  • Presentations that may not be directly related to Open Source, but would be of interest to guests of LUGRadio Live. This could include topics such as cracking, electronics, gaming etc
  • Fun uses of technology and Open Source

We are also looking for people who have worked/work with well known projects to come along and talk about their work.

The main point to stress is that we are looking for truly interesting and fascinating topics. Do feel free to submit as many papers as you want to. We are eager to get as many submissions as possible to choose the most interesting.

Submitting the paper

Before you submit, it should be stressed that as this is a volunteer event and we have no sponsorship, there are no expenses/fees paid for speakers. IF you are happy with this, create a plain text file with the following details:
  • Your name, email address and preferably phone number too
  • The title of your talk
  • A summary of what your talk is about
  • The length of your presentaton (between 15mins and 30mins)

Send all submissions to show@lugradio.org. The deadline for submissions is 15th April 2005.