LugRadio Live 2007 ... 7th-8th July 2007 ... The Lighthouse, Fryer Street, Wolverhampton, UK


From LugRadio Live 2007

This is where you can find out what hot speaker action will be going on at LUGRadio Live 2007! As we get closer to the big weekend, this page will expand with more and more speakers as we confirm them.


Nat Friedman - Novell

Nat Friedman works at Novell and leads the desktop team that produces SuSE, Beagle, F-Spot and many other popular Linux technologies.


Alan Cox

Alan has been a kernel hacker since the earliest days of Linux, and is employed by Red Hat. He's also a strong supporter of software freedom, and has a superb beard.


Matthew Garrett

Man of suspend and resume legend, and widely acknowledged as one of the angrier members of the Open Source community, Matthew Garrett will be present to share his stories and hatred of the world.


Gervase Markham - Mozilla Foundation

Gerv is extremely short and works for Mozilla.


Ted Haeger

Ted Haeger used to work at Novell and is now community manager for Bungee Labs. In "Bungee Connect: Software Development and Deployment as a Service", our long time pal the right Reverend Ted, formerly of Novell Open Audio fame, explains his new organization's offering, called Bungee Connect. In this lively talk, Ted will discuss Web 2.0, the new Internet entrepreneurship greenfield, how to instill a your LRL07 talk's abstract with several buzzwords and still remain legitimate, and techniques for avoiding the shaving of yaks. It is rumored that he will also speak about his departure from Novell, his divorce, and why his new eyeglasses are not an indicator that time is taking its toll on him.


Michael Sparks - BBC

Michael is a senior researcher at the BBC for the Future Media


Chris diBona - Google

Chris is Open Source manager for Google.


Thomas Vander Stichele - Fluendo

Thomas works on Flumotion, the Fluendo streaming media server.


Rob McQueen - Collabora

Collabora are busy building Telepathy, a presence network thing for Gnome.


Aaron Seigo - KDE

Aaron Seigo is a core hacker on the KDE4 project.


Becky Hogge - Open Rights Group

Becky runs the Open Rights Group, a British digital liberties association similar to the EFF.


Daniel James - Linux User magazine

Daniel is editor of Linux User.


Ben Lamb - KDE

Ben hacks on KDE.


Des Burley - Mills and Reeve

Des is a lawyer, but not a bad bloke despite that.


John Alfred Knottenbelt - Introversion

Introversion Games make games for Linux.


Scott James "three-shot" Remnant - Canonical

Scott is a legendary paintball hero and distro team manager for Canonical.


Malcolm Yates - Canonical

Malcolm is ISVs and Partner Program Manager for Canonical.


Szilveszter Farkas

Szilvester hacks on bzr, the source control system.


Jelmer Vernooij

Jelmer hacks on bzr, the source control system.


Laszlo Pandy

Laszlo leads the team hacking on Jokosher, the greatest multitracker ever.


Bruno Bord

Bruno is the French wing of the LugRadio massive!


Karl Lattimer

Karl leads the WineDoors project and steals cars.


Kat Goodwin - PalePurple

Kat runs PalePurple, doing open source application development.


John Leach

John draws the Everyone Loves Eric Raymond comic strip.


Barbie - Birmingham Perl Mongers

Barbie is a leading Perl hacker and head of the Birmingham Perl Mongers.


Dave Neary

Dave hacks on the Gimp, leads the Gnome Foundation, and is part of the OpenWengo project. He always has a pig available when required.


Joe Born - Neuros

Neuros make Linux-based media centre devices.


Gareth Qually

Gareth will be speaking about open source graphic tools.


Michael Sheldon

Michael "Elleomea" Sheldon hacks on Jokosher and will be speaking about 3D graphic interfaces.


Andy Davidson

Andy is speaking about scaling up server hardware.


Pablo Ruiz Múzquiz

Pablo will be speaking about large-scale desktop migrations.


Michael Barker

Michael will be speaking about Meldware.


Peter Stean - Dept for Communities and Local Government

Peter is a civil servant responsible for supporting the UK Government's 'Digital Challenge' programme.

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