LugRadio Live 2007 ... 7th-8th July 2007 ... The Lighthouse, Fryer Street, Wolverhampton, UK

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LugRadio Live 2007 is over

Thanks to everyone who came. It was a fantastic weekend. Comments so far have included:

"your average geek conference but with a bit of a rock concert flavor"

"not...about suits and sales, and instead...about shiny toys and drinking beer"

"an endless stream of sub-par nob-gags"

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Lots of reviews and photos will doubtless be available over the next few days: we're currently investigating whether it will be possible to publish video and audio of some or all of the talks. Keep your eye on this page and the LRL blog for more details!

Photos from LugRadio Live 2007

Photos are available from Barbie 1 2 3, JJ, Flickr (tag "lrl2007"), and more will come soon!

See the Old Main Page if you need to.

Oh, and don't forget...

Find out the latest news and happenings with LRL07 in the LUGRadio Live Blog.