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The best way to contact us is by sending us an email. You can send us emails to be read out and discussed on the show (especially if you enjoy having people take the piss out of your name) or just to let us know about something. Mail us at

You can also leave us a voicemail, which means that you might get to hear yourself on the show! Ring 0845 86 89 85 5 from inside the UK, or +44 845 86 89 85 5 internationally, or you can leave us a voice mail entirely for free using a SIP phone or Voice over IP phone at

If you'd like to ask a question which you think might be relevant to other people in the LugRadio community, a good thing to do is to ask it on the LugRadio forums.

If you'd like to invite us to do a live LugRadio show at an event, or to be media partners for your conference, please fill out the form on the live page because it asks some questions that we'd want to know the answers to.

Alternatively, send us a message by entering it below!

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